Radio: Thinking Green Year-Round

 Radio: Thinking Green Year-Round

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It's easy to think green on Saint Patrick's Day-in fact, it would be hard NOT to think green today! But with each passing year, it becomes more important to think green every day.

Listen to ON THINKING GREEN YEAR ROUND or read the text below:

By that I mean thinking not about leprechauns but about our environment. Many of the innovations that have improved our lives have done so at risk to our planet. So here are some easy ways to put some green into your everyday lives:

• First, be mindful of the resources you use, and do your best to use less. That means turning out lights when you leave a room, turning off the water when you brush your teeth, and doing all those simple things you've heard a hundred times. On this green day, resolve to really do them.

• Second, think twice about the toxins we unwittingly release into the atmosphere, and find ways to avoid them. You don't need chemicals to have a healthy lawn and garden, and you don't need them to unclog your drains or keep your kitchen clean. Look for earth-friendly products when you shop, or make your own.

• Finally, commit to recycling-we can all find ways to reduce the amount of trash we generate each day. So when you make your toast to St. Patrick today, be sure the bottle ends up in the recycling bin, not the trash can!

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