Radio: DIY Waste Removal

 Radio: DIY Waste Removal

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One of the biggest challenges of any remodeling project or basement clean-out is figuring out how to get rid of construction waste, old appliances, and other big unwieldy stuff without paying through the nose.

Listen to ON WASTE REMOVAL or read the text below:

Some of the DIY waste solutions I've heard over the years are pretty creative. Everything from mulching cedar shingles to dismantling a box spring and removing the springs for scrap metal-actually, I'm always amazed how fast a good ol' fashioned “Free Stuff” sign at the curb works.

Instead of breaking your back removing big, heavy items, divide and conquer. That old cast iron tub or radiator can be broken up with a sledgehammer, and you can cut that defunct water heater in half with a ferrous metal blade on your circular saw.

Call a deconstruction outlet, or your local Habitat for Humanity's chapter, or free-cycle building materials that are in half-decent shape. Before you pay to have a metal appliance removed, one call to a local scrap metal collector may get it hauled away for free.

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