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RoboReel: Next Generation Cord Winder

RoboReel: Next Generation Cord Winder

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RoboReel Power Cord System by Great Stuff

Coming from a Navy family as I do, I take pride in my ability to neatly loop and stow anything rope-like, including extension cords.

Yet there are days when I just don't want to do it-especially windy, frigid days that turn cords into stiff and rebellious monsters. I'm familiar with manual and spring-operated cord winders, but I've never been moved to buy one. Call me a masochist.

I'm moved now, though. A company named Great Stuff has created RoboReel Power, a traffic-cone orange, basketball-sized (and -shaped) cord winder powered by electricity.

The electrically powered RoboReel cord winder. Photo: Great Stuff

The RoboReel pays out 50 feet of 12-guage cord that ends in three plugs and a button. Pressing the wide, flush button prompts the motor to begin reeling at a moderate pace. As the end gets closer to the RoboReel, the motor slows dramatically to prevent the cord from whipping around.

The 180-volt DC motor sits inside the ball, and the ball rests either in a wall-mountable stand ($239) or from a ceiling-mounted swivel ($279). The motor stops retracting if the cord is stepped on, or it gets caught while being pulled in.

Wall-Mounted RoboReel. Photo: Great Stuff

There's a 15-amp circuit breaker, and the unit shuts off power to the cord in less than a second if the cord gets severed. Great Stuff also put in redundant thermostats to sense and prevent overheating. And the company offers a four-year/4,000-wind warranty.

If you're wondering why it's called the “Power”, it's to differentiate two products that Great Stuff has in development: The RoboReel Water and RoboReel Air, which, predictably, are designed to tame water hoses and air hoses, respectively (according to the web site, both are coming soon).

To find out more about the RoboReel Power, click here.

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