How to create hanging vines

How to create hanging vines

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Hang "Garland Greenery 552802" with equal length on each side.

Loop each end at aprx 1.5ft on itself

Add a second "Garland Greenery 552802" next to the first as such. Wire together at the adjacent sides.

Repeat step two on second vine.

Realign to create a descending slope.

Array "Garland Greenery 563023" to the right of the structure. Wire to structure.

Loop end "Garland Greenery 563023" as done in step two and bring end to top of array.

Drape looped end to the left edge of the array. Wire in place.

Arrange last "Garland Greenery 563023" at the center of vine so there is 3 feet on each side to the right of the array. Wire with array.

Loop each end and have an inclining slope.

Intertwine vines to add thickness.

Cut flowers from "White Double Ruffle Garland 719344" and wire to array as desired.

Repeat all steps and wire together at peak. Drape through opening.

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