How to set up your smartlinc using the web pages

How to set up your smartlinc using the web pages

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Plug your ethernet cable into your router and your Smartlinc.

Plug your Smartlinc directly into the wall. (We'll want to stay away from surge protected power strips as they can interfere with our signals)

1). Go to http://smartlinc.smarthome.com/ 2). Click - I'm at home

Click on the IP address that has been found.

Click - You should check the clock!

Now we'll want to type the time and click the Set Time button. Once the time is set, click on the Home icon in the top-left corner of the page.

Click - Room

Click - Scene

This is where we will program lights and devices we want to control. First, turn on the device we want to control. Click - Add

Making sure the device is on, and the Smartlinc is waiting, press and hold the set button on the device we want to program for 3-5 seconds.

The Smartlinc should recognize the device and show you its Insteon six digit address. Click - Save & Return

Now you can test the device. As you can see above the yellow box behind the on reflects the current state of the light.

Watch the video: Shipper Demo (July 2022).


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