How to make a cloth napkin flower

How to make a cloth napkin flower

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Lay out your cloth napkin.

Try your best to fold all fours sides evenly to get a triangle like so.

After you have folded all four sides, carefully flip the napkin over. So, pretty much all the folded corners you did previously are facing the counter.

Now fold the corners again, once you do that ull have the folded corners facing you again.

Once you have that done. Take the open corner i am pointing to and continue next step.....,

Pull the corner piece from the bottom and pull it out, making the napkin form a leaf shape on the corner. And continue the same steps for all corners.

Thats what it should look like.

And this is what you get.

This is a nicer done one with a beige napkin. You can put anything in place of the apple as a decoration.

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