How to make green smoothie/ g juice

How to make green smoothie/ g juice

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Get all your veggies together!

Make sure you have your blender or juicer ready to go! You will need lots of cold filtered water.

Start by washing all of your veggies and fruits. I then fill the sink half way with water, and as I chop my leafy greens I toss them I the sink until they are needed.

Chop some cilantro and add that to the sink.

Remove stems from the parsley, chop that up, toss in the sink.

For the kale, remove the hard stems from the leaves. Toss the stem, I like to keep if for making vegetable broth. Chop of the leaves.

I had some beets from my local farm, I decided to use the greens from those also. Remove the leaf from the stem, chop and add to sink. Toss the stem.

A great trick to get juice out of a lemon is soak it in hot water when it's whole. Squeeze the juice out of both lemons into a bowl and set aside for later.

Now chop up the apples, remove core and seeds. Chop the celery and the radishes. Don't add too many radishes, they can make the drink bitter. I used two large radishes. Toss these in with lemon juice.

Ginger adds serious nutrition and flavours, but can be strong. I used a small amount. About half my thumb. Peel the sink off with a spoon. Chop up small. Add to bowl with celery and apples.

Add the chopped ginger to the blender first. Followed by the celery, apples, radishes. See how small I chopped it.

I like to start blending with the harder items first. They need more time to become soft. Blend them with enough water to cover an inch above them in the blender.

Make sure you have a few large jugs to pour the juice into as you make it.

Blend them starting at a medium speed moving up to the highest setting

Pour into large jug.

Now that hard stuff is blended, time for the rest! Add your banana broken into smaller parts.

Add a heaping scoop of good greens to the blender. Don't over fill it with greens you still have to add water. I try to leave a half inch of space in the blender, just to be safe!

Blend away!!!

Add your blended apples, celery etc. to the blended greens and pour that mix back into the blender. Bring it together with a quick buzz, and keep going at those greens! Almost done.

Pour that mix into a separate jug and add more water and greens! Blend away!!!

It's starting to come together!!! Feel free to change up the recipe and add your other fav items. I usually add avocado to help smooth out the drink and give it some body and a caloric kick.

Some people like the pulp, some don't. If u have a juicer pulp isn't an issue. I leave mine in, it's pure fiber and that helps fill you up. If that's not for you by all means strain it to ur pleasure!

This is something I drink pretty often. I really makes me feel good in the morning, better than eggs and bacon, or a muffin and coffee... It does take some prep but your body and soul will thank you!

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