How to make granola

How to make granola

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Martha Stewart's Granola

Recipe http://www.marthastewart.com/285175/homemade-granola

Dry ingredients

Mix in bowl

My addition to Martha's recipe

Combine oil, honey, & brown sugar

Slice vanilla bean down center and scrap seeds

Add bean and seeds to the pot

Don't forget the salt - it enhances all those flavors!

Bring to a boil, remove bean, remove from heat and add vanilla

What are you making? It smells good!

Pour over dry ingredients & mix well

Divide between two large pans

Put in 325 oven

Bake 25 minutes - stir halfway through & switch racks

All done- slightly brown

Can I have some?

Yummy! Share and eat! Great over yogurt!

Watch the video: HOMEMADE GRANOLA quick + easy (May 2022).