How to make a double rubber band star (sequel)

How to make a double rubber band star (sequel)

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Sorry but the only way I could do this guide was to flip my phone upside down therefore all the pictures will be upside down but if you turn your phone upside down it will work perfectly

Put around thumb and index fingers

Stick other index finger in the middle

Pull back


Put on pinky

Put index finger in thumb hole

Put index finger in the other index finger hole

Pull back

Go to step 11 (there was a mix up) After you have done step 11 grab side and pull back

Stick middle finger in pinky hole (Go back to step 10)

Drop thumb and pinky

Put thumb in index finger hole and pinky in the middle finger hole

Put middle and fourth finger in the center hole and pull back


Put index finger in thumb hole

Pit middle finger in pinky hole

Put thumb in bottom triangle and pull index and middle fingers out

Sorry that this was hard to do but if you want to do something similar and easier go to my first snapguide of only one star. Thanks for watching!

Watch the video: TutorIal How to Make A Star with A Rubber Band (July 2022).


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