How to make a nail striper and dotting tool cheap

How to make a nail striper and dotting tool cheap

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You can use the rounded end of a paintbrush for a dotting tool! A bended bobby pin also works great!

Get small scissors. I got these in a manicure set (not sure what they are for), and it makes really precise cuts so I'm using it.

Get a paintbrush. This is from a watercolors set.

Use the scissors to cut off any stray "hairs."

Wet the brush.

After you've done the round cut for a while, split the brush in half and cut. Make sure it's not too thin.

Here's how it should look!

Slightly cut the tip inwards.

Wet the brush and run your fingers over it until it feels pretty dry.

Dip the brush in clear polish. Run a TINY amount of water over it and bend the bristles a little bit so it won't be too stiff. Set to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Here's a close up of the striping side!

A striper on one side and a dotting tool on the other!

I used the dotting side to make the cheetah nails, and both sides to make to festive nails!

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