How to make oreo pops

How to make oreo pops

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Get all of your things together: cooling grid, Oreos, lollipop sticks, candy melts in color(s) of your choice, sugar crystals, plastic treat bags, and ribbon( not shown). The last 3 are optional.

Carefully separate however many oreos you would like to make into pops.

Use the lollipop stick to make an indent on the cream on each cookie. Tip* put cookie on a flat surface while indenting to avoid breakage.

Melt a little bit of candy melts. Dip the stick into the melted candy, then place into the indented cream. This is used as an adhesive.

Cover the cookie with the other half of the oreo.

Let set for 5 minutes

Melt the candy melts as per packaging instructions. Dip Oreo in melted candy and coat. If you have a thick consistency (like mine was), a spoon is very helpful. Place on wax paper to dry

This is where you would also sprinkle or dip the sugar crystals or sprinkles if you have-while the candy is still wet.

I melted some white chocolate melts in a disposable icing bag and snipped the tip to achieve the white zigzags. Disregard the purple zigzag-my white chocolate hardened mid stripe

Let dry. I was a little impatient so I put mine in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Gently peel off of wax paper

Using a knife, trim off the excess melted chocolate that spread as it dried.

Place plastic treat bag over and tie with ribbon.


I will be making a bunch of these for my 6 year old's surprise princess party!

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