How to develop your abs: part ii

How to develop your abs: part ii

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DISCLAIMER: This is an intense workout! Always consult a physician before attempting any new exercise plan. This is a guide. I am not a trainer. I am not responsible for any injury caused. Warm Up.

Targeted weight loss is false, so this total body routine focuses on max calorie burn, using core strength moves. Be prepared to sweat. Start with a gentle warm up for 3 minutes, stretch, then begin.

Weighted uppercuts, do 80. Make sure you dip slightly before punching upward and diagonally across your body, causing you to twist each time. Very light weights, I'm using Roma tomatoes. Mamma mia!

Take a 30 second water break whenever you require one. Usually every 4 moves is fine.

Bicycles. 20 one direction, 20 reversed. Put your hands down on the floor either side of your hips if you're finding it too hard.

You're done. You should be sweating like a turkey at Christmas. Walk around for a few minutes, then see my guide on stretching.

One of the keys to improving my fitness has been variety. Creating unpredictable conditions means more adaptation. Don't do this every day, mix it up with strength training, swimming, running...

Remember to eat properly or most of this will be in vain. Make sure you get enough sleep, and take 2 days off from training each week.

If you enjoyed this guide, you are a sick person, but check out my other exercise blasts. If you try this or any of my other guides, please leave a comment about your experience.

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