How to make a bbq octopus

How to make a bbq octopus

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1. Leave octopus to out to dry

2. Once did the water will evaporate or leak out of the octopus

3. Carefully cut the head of an octopus with a small knife, and remove all the guts

4. Rinse the octopus using tap water

5. Dry the octopus by patting the octopus using paper towel

6. Now to marinate the octopus, squash the garlics

7. Once did finely chop the

8. When finish it should look something like this

Mix with olive oil

Put octopus in the bowl and mix it

Heat the pan

Squeeze sweet chilli sauce on bowl

Add lemon juice

Get some coriander

Finely chop them

Mix with sweet chilli sauce

Cut capsicum

Also finely chop them

Mix and stir

Once the pan is heat grill the octopus until tender

Place the octopus in a sauce bowl

Place on plate

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