How to make a nalu beads bracelet

How to make a nalu beads bracelet

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Take a look at the suplies for all the stuff. The lenghts of the thongs are very important! 1meter (37.39inch) for the inside 2meter (78.74inch) for the outside

Take your thongs and make a knot.

Place the thongs like this: the 1meter in the middle, the 2meter outside.

Time to knot!!!

Place the left one over the middle and then the right one over the left one.

Place the right one under the middle.

Then the right one between the left one and the middle.

Pull thightly. Your knot wil be looking like this.

Repeat the steps for how many knots you want. Remember: first you do left, then right and then left again.

Place your Nalu Bead around the middle thong.

Then knot like the first steps.

If you want you can knot further or you put all the beads next to eachother. Like I did.

When you're done, make a big knot. Put the toggle on the thongs and make another big knot. Cut the rest of the thongs off.

Put your bracelet on and enjoy!

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