How to make spam fried rice

How to make spam fried rice

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2 cups of rice, 3 cups water into the rice cooker.

Dice and onion. Any onion or combination of onions will work.

Mince garlic cloves to your liking

Cube half a can of spam.... What is spam anyway??

Into the pan, tablespoon of butter, diced onion, cubed spam, minced garlic. Cook until the spam is lightly browned. The whole time cook on medium heat

Make a little room and add two egg and scramble

Should look like this.....

Add shredded carrot and stir like you are an Asian chef of some kind

Your rice should be sticky and almost a little dry. If you have the time prep the rice a few hours in advance to allow it to cool down.

Add the rice onto your stir fry mixture.

Add your soy sauce liberally while stirring.

Stir to perfection you will know when to stop. Enjoy

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