How to make roasted chicken sandwich

How to make roasted chicken sandwich

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To save time, buy a roasted chicken from the deli. You can also use leftovers (chicken/turkey)! Peel it and roughly chop it

Dice onion and tomatoes. I didn't have spring onion but a little bit of green would have been nice :)

Throw in mustard

Low fat mayo, sour cream, some salt and pepper

Mix it all up. Should look like this. You can even put this on top of a salad and have chicken salad :)

Spread some garlic butter on bread and toast them it the oven lightly

Grate some cheese while waiting for bread

Remove lightly toasted garlic bread from oven and put chicken filling on the top as well as some cheese. Return to oven and toast till cheese melts and browning

Remove from oven and enjoy!! :)

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