How to make a pot-roast pheasant

How to make a pot-roast pheasant

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Clean the birds. Pluck and remove all remaining feathers & be careful to look for any buckshot or feathers under the skin. Then heat a little oil in a pan and brown the birds one by one. Keep aside.

Next, in the same pan, sauté the onions until soft and golden. Once done, layer them at the bottom of your casserole dish.

After the onions, fry the chorizo until the pieces start going slightly crispy. Layer these over the onions in the casserole.

Place the pheasants, breast-side down, in the casserole, over the onions & chorizo. Fit all he mushrooms along the sides & in the gaps. Sprinkle the herbs, chilli flakes & garlic powder.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Then pour the wine and stock over the pheasant. The liquid should come to just less than half-way. Cover the casserole with aluminium foil, then close the lid.

Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 1.5 hrs. About mid-way through the cooking, turn the birds over, and add the broad beans into the pot

Once the birds are tender, remove from the casserole, joint and serve. The cooking liquid makes an excellent gravy, or even a light soup to go with the meal. Serve with steamed or roasted veg

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