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5 Things to Do with… PVC Pipe

5 Things to Do with… PVC Pipe

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For years now, PVC pipe has been popular for many applications in and around the house. It's lightweight, durable, bacteria resistant and very affordable. But it's not just for water and wiring anymore. Since it's so easy to cut pieces and cement them together, PVC lends itself to a host of exciting DIY projects, the number and variety of which attest to how versatile this material is. Here are five favorite PVC DIY projects easy enough for even a novice to complete.


For this PVC DIY, all you need is a jigsaw and a lamp kit. Saw the pipe into six-inch pieces, then simply cut your choice of design into each pipe length. Drill bits enable you to access a broader world of lamp styles, and if you want to add color, you can. Only remember to choose a spray paint formulated for plastics.


Foldable camp chairs are easy PVC DIY projects to make, painless to store, and when you need seating at a moment's notice, they are the perfect solution. After cutting the pieces, cement the elbows and drill holes for the bolts that will not only unite the assembly, but also act as hinges. Thick canvas forms the seat.


First, cut large-diameter PVC pipe into pieces of equal length, then fasten them together with heavy-duty velcro. The result? A flexible storage rack for shoes or miscellaneous other personal items. Make your PVC DIY honeycomb three or four rows high, or run it all the way from floor level to ceiling height.


The benefit of a lightweight PVC DIY trellis is that it's so easily portable, and the process of making one is straightforward. Piece together a pair of flat panels, connecting the two with zip ties in order to form an A-frame. Add vertical string supports to encourage climbing plants, and then finally stake the structure to the ground via landscaping staples. At season's end, you can cut the zip ties and hang, lean, or stack the panels in the shed or garage.


Is your garage cluttered with two-wheelers? This genius bike rack will introduce calm where there was chaos. For around $50, you can knock it together the same way you would any PVC DIY project-that is, by cutting and cementing. Though designed for five bikes, it holds twice as many if those bikes are kid-sized.


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