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Radio: Why Have a Raised Garden Bed?

 Radio: Why Have a Raised Garden Bed?

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Growing plants in raised beds is a tradition that goes back at least hundreds of years. Here are five reasons why a raised garden bed might be a good idea for you today.

Listen to ON WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER A RAISED GARDEN BED or read the text below:

First, a raised bed is a solution to poorly drained soil. It's tough to get good results from a garden when the soil is heavy clay or wet and marshy. A raised bed allows you to control the moisture in the soil.

Second, if your soil is thick with roots from nearby plants or trees or is plagued with weeds, a raised bed lets you rise above it all. Your plants will grow stronger if they're not competing with roots and weeds.

Third, raised beds are great in gardens with limited space, since the rich, concentrated environment produces higher yields than in-ground garden plots.

Fourth, if your lawn (or your neighbor's) has been chemically treated, planting your herbs or tomatoes in organic soil in a raised bed can help keep them away from insecticides and pesticides.

Finally, a raised bed is a good idea for gardeners with bad backs or other physical limitations, since it can bring the garden space closer to you, so you don't have to bend so much to reach it.

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